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coe flexographic plates with digitally modulated screen technology

Carl Ostermann Erben GmbH manufacture printing plates using Bellissima DMS Screening. This technology gives maximum resolution which is comparable to photo quality.

It creates moiré-free print results and any possible register fluctuations are concealed. Areas made up of several screened colours are calmer and typical rosettes or sawtooth effects are eliminated. The printing of multicoloured, fine elements and the simulation of special colours is now achievable. A colour space extension with 7C printing is also possible.

In line with the EcoFlexo ethos, coe and Bellissima DMS enable printers to maximise results and minimise waste.

GEW AeroLED – a high performance, sustainable UV LED curing solution

Designed with sustainability in mind, AeroLED is a fully air-cooled, high power UV LED system for full cure, printing, coating and converting applications. AeroLED delivers power and reliability with a unique concept which eliminates many of the operational problems in existing air-cooled LED systems on the market. Moreover, the innovative design makes AeroLED extremely cost-effective and step changes the accessibility of LED printing.

AeroLED’s efficient optical design enables the lowest energy usage of all GEW products. This delivers energy savings of typically 50-70%, when compared to a conventional UV arc system. In addition to offering greatly reduced operating costs, printers upgrading to LED are able to free up a significant level of mains capacity.

GEW AeroLED - a high performance, sustainable UV LED curing solution
ultra HD sustainable flexo bellissima

Make an impression with Bellissima DMS

‘WOW’ is what people say when they see what Bellissima allows them to print in Flexo. Bellissima is the next-generation of Flexographic screening that delivers Ultra HD print.

Rivaling the quality of print typically associated with offset and gravure, Bellissima is challenging digital as the future for flexible packaging and labels.

Brand owners love that they can move products from Gravure to Flexo without compromising image fidelity while saving costs.

Printers love Bellissima as it allows them to reduce costs and go after new business opportunities that were previously unobtainable.

Continuous improvement is in our DNA

The EF next generation is a robust, reliable, highly qualified and fully automated flexo printing press ready for 24 x 7 operations.

New and improved features of the EF plus the collection and analysis of performance data through MPSConnect and Performance Programs, drive your success formula for profit. With MPSConnect, we dive into your printing press and see exactly what’s happening. Our sensor technology combined with the internet (IoT) makes real-time data collection possible.

From valuable 24×7 fact-based insights, our team of experts help you make continuous performance improvements in waste, speed, and uptime to increase your competitive advantages and maximize your profits.


UVAFlex® FCM Y581-UV Latest generation UV LED inks

UV LED technology is based on latest generation raw materials and polymer groups and completes our range of FCM UV inks.

Thanks to new UV LED drying technology, very thin and temperature-sensitive substrates can be printed onto sensitive food packaging, without the need to change the substrate. Despite the increased regulatory demands on ink formulations and product performance, the migration potential requirements could be further undercut.

The result is a high level of safety for manufacturers of packaging for the food, cosmetics and consumer goods industries. The UVAFlex® FCM Y581 ink series meets all current legal requirements and will continue to represent the benchmark in the market.


tesa® Twinlock: the reusable, self-adhesive, and compressible sleeve

With us, a flexographic printer’s life becomes easier. Whether with our tesa® Softprint foam tapes, or with our reusable self-adhesive tesa® Twinlock sleeves which makes it the most sustainable plate mounting solution for flexographic printing. It is made up of a base sleeve, a layer of polyurethane (PU) foam, a stabilization film, and a layer made from a unique polymer that is formulated to retain its adhesive qualities. When proper cleaning and handling procedures are observed, tesa® Twinlock can be used over and over again.

We offer with tesa® Twinlock three hardness levels (soft, medium, hard) and different thickness coating layers to deliver a sleeve that fits your needs.

Mounting a plate_TESA
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